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Worlds Makeover : Work on Waste

With the human population on the rise, the consumption of natural resources and pollution has risen too. Because of overused land, excessive use of chemicals, shortage of fresh water, degradation of soil, rapid deforestation and huge carbon emissions, the overall environment of the world is worsening day by day.

All lives are being effected and it is the duty of the citizens of the world to take charge and bring a change and this is what Kind Beings is working towards in their project Worlds Makeover. As the name suggests, they focus on giving the world a makeover by making it a healthier place to live in.

The volunteers work towards raising environment awareness and taking important steps to improve the environment and also help other people and communities that are facing environment related issues. They hold awareness workshops and seminars and various clean-up and plantation drives.

Kind Beings also collaborated with HCL Foundation and organized various cleanliness drives in and around Delhi-NCR. The World Clean-up Day is also celebrated every year in a grand way by planting trees, helping animals and cleaning up roads and rivers. Another aspect of this project is to discuss and help people dependant on the environment for their livelihood, for example tribal abandonment due to deforestation and redirecting river water due to dams and people who face issues do to environmental changes like setting up of a chemical factory near a residential area.

It is important to recognise that human existence is dependent on healthy environment and we need to take cautious steps every day to help give this world a positive makeover.