Strong She

women empowerment

Strong She : Bringing HER Ahead

In the world there have always been unfair assumptions that differentiate people based on various factors, and one of the most common factor is gender. It may not be pleasant but it is true that Women are discriminated against Men across the globe. They are considered weak in all aspects – physically, mentally and socially and this has given rise to unequal power and social relations between the two, where men get the advantage.

In India, women are denied access to education and occupations making them the financially weak and dependent on their family for support. This leads to them being dominated and mistreated in all stages of life. Kind Beings recognized this issue as one of the most widespread problems of the country, not only harming the women of today but even the generations of tomorrow and thus started their project – “STRONG SHE” which directs at empowering women and making them stronger in the maximum ways possible. The most essential part  was to make women realize their own capabilities and learn about their rights as well as duties the citizens of the country.

This first step started with imparting knowledge and making women aware about the problems in their life and how they can overcome those. Workshops and Seminars discussing basic issues of independence, money-making, hygiene and education were held where women were informed on various important issues such as – their legal rights, proper menstrual hygiene, methods of making money at home and more.

The second step included transforming their ideas into reality. They were given Sanitary Pads free of cost for more than 6 months to stimulate better menstrual hygiene. Women were encouraged to create products out of basic, cheap and easily available material which volunteers at Kind Beings showcased and sold at various festivals and markets and all the money was distributed amongst the women. They were taught how to fight harassment and violence by taking legal measures.

Kind Beings stands with these women today and tomorrow in their quest to gain respect and an independent identity by supporting her bringing her ahead in front of the world.