Be Kind to Animals

speechless beings

Be Kind to Animals : Being the voices of the Unheard

Every day, when we move out of the house, we see many more beings around us. These don’t include just other ‘humans’ but a large variety of animals too, like dogs, cats, cows, monkeys, birds etc and we usually refer to these animals as ‘STRAYS’ because they do not have any place to live and they make the roads and streets their homes.

They lead an extremely tough life under uncertain circumstances of the human world. Many go hungry for days and have no shelter during natural calamities and harsh weather conditions, nor can they get any treatment when they suffer from wounds and diseases, their well-being is actually dependent of the kindness of fellow people and that too does not occur often as many people hit these animals or shove them out of the way.

The worst part of all is that these innocent beings cannot even convey their emotions and pain and just suffer through everything. Kind Beings decided to be the voice of these voiceless creatures and help them in all ways possible and for this they developed “Be Kind to Animals” project. Under this, they aim to help as many stray animals as possible by providing them good food, water, shelter and medication.

Volunteers visited many animal care centres to gain insight about animal well-being and understand the common issues faced and then started to work accordingly. They installed feeding and bedding points in different areas of Delhi, Haryana and Uttarakhand and rescued animals that needed urgent medical help. They worked towards sensitizing people towards the issue by organizing awareness campaigns, street plays and poster making as well as discussing their ideas across various platforms.

Animals too deserve a life of affection, care and respect and Kind Beings understands the emotions of the unheard and tries to give them a better life .